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James W. Hall

james w hallThe filming of his novel Mystic River made Dennis Lehane that Hollywood rarity—a happy writer. But 99 times out of 100, our author reveals, events take a very different turn...

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Sandra Brown

brown sandra"It’s never chocolate or vanilla for me. More like a 'swirl.'"

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Haw Five-O Lord promoMy Years Writing for Hawaii Five-O


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jance ja
Next week, hundreds of people from across the US, Canada, England, Europe, oh, let’s just say the world will be coming to Long Beach, California, to celebrate mystery fiction.

Bouchercon 2014 will be Nov.

mina denise2
The Specsavers Crime Writers' Association Dagger Awards always sound like a lot of fun. I mean, who can argue with an award for the best read of the year?

So, the winners of the Specsavers Crime Writers' Association Dagger Awards this week in London are:

malliet gm
I’ve always thought that dedicating a book to someone is such a wonderful thing to do. So many dedicate those pages to their spouses, parents, children, even agents and publishers.

Some, of course,