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 the saint w haloLeslie Charteris and The Saint the first in an ongoing series about classic sleuths reappearing in new media formats

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Lisa Lutz

lutz lisa"I like to be surprised. I like to feel off-balance. I like to see humor used to undercut—but never eradicate—darkness."

Joseph Goodrich

Dilys Winn, the pioneering mystery bookseller, editor died on February 5, 2016, in Asheville, North Carolina. Winn opened Murder Ink, the very first bookstore devoted solely to mystery fiction, in New York City in 1972.

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We all know that summertime is also the time of television’s reruns after reruns. Or, excuse me, encores as they are often called now.

Hey, a rerun is a rerun no matter how much you dr

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In addition to his bestsellers, James Patterson has been making a name for himself by giving away grants to libraries and independent bookstores in the US.

Patterson now is offering grants to booksto

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My visits to the national parks are woefully lacking. I’ve loved the vistas of Grand Canyon National Park, the beauty of Muir Woods, and the chilling history of Alcatraz Island.

And, being a Floridi