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braly on the yardBraly's 1967 prison novel, On the Yard, is an underappreciated American masterpiece.


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winters ben
Although Ben Winters is ending his popular, award-winning Last Policeman series, the author will be back with a new series.

Winters, whose profile graces the current issue of Mystery Scene, has sold a


thedrop lehane4
At the heart of the crime drama The Drop—based almost faithfully on Dennis Lehane’s novella—is a story of a man and his dog and how this abandoned, abused pit bull puppy with lots of affection to give rescue

savagetom apennyforhangman
Tom Savage
finds himself in a situation he thought he passed years ago.

He can be considered a new author.

Well, sort of.

Savage’s novel A Penny for the Hangman is out October 7—following a 14-yea