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Ace Atkins

Ace AtkinsNot only was he one of the best crime writers of all time, he was—no matter the year—the hippest.

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Steve Hockensmith

hockensmith_steve"I know it’s probably coming a bit late to be of any use to you, but here’s a little trick I’ve picked up: It’s easy to fake your way through a book report. And you don’t even need Cliff’s Notes to do it."

Writers on Reading
Kathleen Ernst

KathleenErnstMysterySceneEssayPhoto72dpi"Periodically I re-read the Little House on the Prairie books. They hold up well for adults." 

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A series’ setting often makes us feel very connected to that location. And I often seek out mysteries set in areas that I will be visiting.

So celebrating a series that brings atte


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Most people have heard of the 1978 Lufthansa heist at JFK in which criminals made off with an estimated $6 million, which would be around $18 million today.

At the time, it was the

If you’re a fan of mystery fiction—and of course you are, because you are on this site—then you know that several authors can write about the same city, yet bring a different perspective on that se