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Hank Phillippi Ryan

ryan hankphillippi2Now it can be told. Now that time has passed, it is safe to reveal the secrets of my reading life. Say no more? Well, no. I’ll confess. Here are the pivotal moments, the surreptitious activities, the Cold War fears, the binges, and two outright deceptions.

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Susan Van Kirk

Imagining history to create the fictional 19th-century Endurance, Illinois, a town of 15,000, and the setting of Marry in Haste.


gorman ed 2010A small-town hero with a big heart, Sam McCain is living through tumultuous times in Ed Gorman's distinguished series of novels set in America's Midwest from the late 1950s to the early 1970s.


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By Oline H. Cogdill
Edgar Statues
Those of us who love mysteries/crime fiction know that the Edgar Awards are the Oscars of the genre.

Actually, for some of us the awards, named after Edgar Allan Poe, are better


Not every discussion during an interview makes it into the final story. It’s just a fact of journalism that sometimes interesting little tidbits aren’t included, because the main part

toddcharles racing
Mystery writers are nice.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been to one of the mystery writers conferences and experienced firsthand how nice they can be.

For the most