Readers Recs
Julie Kaewert

“I’d like to recommend three series by three different authors—Julie Kaewert’s Alex Plumtree series, Deborah Morgan’s Jeff Talbot series (an antique picker with an agoraphobic wife), and a British author, Marianne MacDonald’s Dido Hoare series (an antiquarian book seller).”

Readers Recs
Gayle Lynds

“Bibliophiles and librarians will love Gayle Lynds’ new thriller, The Book of Spies. From the very first sentence—“A library could be a dangerous place”—readers are taken on an international adventure at breakneck speed. Travel from Los Angeles to London, Rome to Istanbul and Athens, all in the company of former intelligence agent Judd Ryder and rare books curator Eva Blake, who’s equally skilled at martial arts and picking pockets. Throw in a power-hungry “book club” out to rule the world and the fabled Library of Gold. What a recipe for suspense! If you want a book that you can’t put down, this is it.

Readers Recs
Sally Spencer

“I have been deep into the entire Inspector Woodend series by Sally Spencer, an author I’ve heard very little about and would like to know better. I have one elusive book left to read. These Woodend mysteries are excellent procedural stories and have at the core a good sensible, sometimes maverick, Northerner who is very likable in a brusque-but-mellow sort of way, has a good sensible wife, a couple of sometimes difficult but efficient bagmen (one a woman), and a series of crimes to solve that are not only skillfully and intricately constructed, but full of well-wrought, mostly interesting characters. I like that we follow Inspector Woodend from his Scotland Yard beginnings to his being assigned to the north country as a chief inspector, through his triumphs and downfalls, friendships, joys and sad loses, until a postscript retirement. This is a well-done series, indeed. I hope Spencer does more. And I’d like to read something (an interview?) on this author.

Readers Recs
Elizabeth George

“Very few authors can create and then place you into a complete new world. But Elizabeth George can. I have followed the five main characters throughout the series, laughed and cried over Helen; admired, loved and worried about Lynley; appreciated Simon and Deb; and really, really remain fascinated with Barbara Havers and how her excellent mind works. The latest George book, This Body of Death, puts a different suit of clothes on Lynley, one I’m not sure I’m ready for, and introduces a new character (the jury is still out on this one). I devoured the book and recommend that readers go back and read a few of the earlier ones before reading this one, just to increase your interest in this new world that will suck you in! Congrats to George.

Readers Recs
Charles Todd

“I devoured the most recent Charles Todd mystery, The Red Door. This is part of his Inspector Ian Rutledge series and is set after WWI with elements of the war woven through several of the characters, including the first victim, a grieving war widow. The inspector is still tortured by the ghost of Hamish, a man who died during the war, and surprisingly somewhat of his muse as well. The slow unraveling of the secrets and the tension of never feeling sure who might be the next victim was absorbing. I somehow have missed many of the other books in this series so will be trying to backtrack now. I highly recommend this author. And yes I realize it is a mother and son writing together."


I’ve been binging a lot lately on British mystery series that are just now being made available to U.S. audiences.

These series are distributed by Acorn with DVD and Blu-ray sets available from select ret


Tom Straw may be the best-known unknown writer.

He’s had seven novels that went straight to the New York Times Best Seller list, with one landing in the No. 1 slot. The books were hugely popular and the ch



JOAN HESS (1949-2017)

From St. Martins Press:

Author Joan Hess has died. A pioneer in the mystery genre and a much loved fixture at mystery conventions for decades, she was the author of forty-thre

JOAN HESS (1949-2017)

From St. Martins Press:

Author Joan Hess has died. A pioneer in the mystery genre and a much loved fixture at mystery conventions for decades, she was the author of forty-three books, o