Short Stories
The Highway Kind

by Patrick Millikin, ed.
Mullholland Books, October 2016, $15.99

The Highway Kind is a thematic crime anthology featuring stories built around people and their cars. It includes 15 entertaining original tales. C. J. Box contributes a satisfying suspense story with a rural Wyoming setting titled “Power Wagon” in which young accountant Brandon and his very pregnant wife are trapped by a group of toughs on Brandon’s recently deceased father’s ranch without phone or internet service. “Driving to Geronimo’s Grave” is a vivid, moody crime story set during the Great Depression with a dark humor only Joe Lansdale can pull off. Ben H. Winters contributes a twisty revenge tale involving a minivan titled “Test Drive” that is both satisfying and surprising. Wallace Stroby’s “Night Run” is a marvelously written road rage story asking more questions than it answers, in a good way, and one that I hope Mr. Stroby sees fit to expand into a larger story one day.

Ben Boulden
Teri Duerr
Millikin, ed.
October 2016
Mullholland Books