Kill for Me

by Tom Wood
Berkley, November 2018, $9.99

Shifting gears from PIs and police detectives, we move to the other side of the spectrum, to catch up with Tom Wood’s unflappable assassin Victor, appearing in his ninth adventure, Kill For Me. Here, Victor is asked by Guatemalan drug cartel kingpin Heloise Salvatierra to eliminate her chief rival, Maria Salvatierra, her sister. Victor agrees, but finds himself sympathizing with his target as, during his painstaking preparations, he discovers just how untrustworthy his patron really is. How Victor navigates these treacherous waters is vastly entertaining, as Woods provides a front-row seat to a world where deceit is the norm, and sudden, violent death is a brutal fact of life.

Hank Wagner
Teri Duerr
November 2018