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The Murder Book

by Lissa Marie Redmond
Midnight Ink, February 2019, $15.99

This sequel to 2018's A Cold Day in Hell begins as that novel's heroine, Buffalo, New York, Homicide Detective Lauren Riley, is viciously attacked after staying late at police headquarters to do some work on a cold case. Waking without clear memories of the incident, she defies her colleagues and her doctors by pursuing her own investigation of the case, hoping to discover her attacker's identity and motives. As she relentlessly develops leads, she finds that there are facets to the case which cast a negative light on the Buffalo Police Department, and to prominent locals, as long buried secrets are revealed.

Informed by Lissa Marie Redmond's own experience in law enforcement, the second of her Cold Case Investigations is a winning police procedural, effectively exploring the ins and outs of daily life at a police station, as Riley is forced to navigate the treacherous seas of internal and external politics, hamstrung by the very system she has sworn to protect, and the law she has sworn to uphold. Redmond has a real feel for her characters, presenting both their strengths and failings, expertly mining their interpersonal relationships for humor, and for telling insights into their motivations and actions. She keeps things moving briskly along throughout, providing a thoroughly satisfying read.

Hank Wagner
Teri Duerr
February 2019
Midnight Ink