Front Page Murder

by Joyce St. Anthony
Crooked Lane Books, March 2022, $26.99

In her Homefront News Mystery debut, Joyce St. Anthony (aka Joyce Tremel) takes readers back in time to May of 1942 to the town of Progress, Pennsylvania, a place bustling in support of the war effort.

Irene Ingram lives and breathes journalism, so when her dad enlists as a war correspondent and leaves her in charge of The Progress Herald, she’s determined to make her dad proud—even if some of the newspapermen aren’t happy about their new boss.

Irene is busy dealing with misogyny at work (and in the world in general), the daily grind of running the paper, and covering war efforts like the Victory Gardens, rationing, and scrap drives. But when Moe Bauer, one of her male reporters, turns up dead at the bottom of his basement stairs and Irene finds a note from him addressed to her predicting his demise due to a “big story” he was chasing, Irene is convinced Moe’s death is not the accident it seems. Her investigation uncovers questionable activities at the local factory turned defense contractor and she thinks Moe was on to something.

Front Page Murder introduces readers to a great cast of characters, led by its main star, Irene, who is a fantastic protagonist, smart, compassionate, and with a good head for news. Readers will love learning about her, her coworkers, her friends, and her family.

The murder mystery is an intriguing puzzle, perfect for the time period, and the author does a great job giving her audience a genuine feel of the attitudes, fashions, and events of the time. Fans of strong female leads and WWII mysteries will savor the first in this new series—and excitedly wait for book two.

Debbie Haupt
Teri Duerr
St. Anthony
March 2022
Crooked Lane Books