Writers on Reading

rollins james2016 "A recent study in Scientific American showed that reading fiction is shown to improve empathy in readers, and that was certainly true for me upon reading Watership Down, by Robert Adams..."

Writers on Reading
Hank Phillippi Ryan

ryan hankphillippi2Now it can be told. Now that time has passed, it is safe to reveal the secrets of my reading life. Say no more? Well, no. I’ll confess. Here are the pivotal moments, the surreptitious activities, the Cold War fears, the binges, and two outright deceptions.

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David Morrell

morrell_davidDavid Morrell's tale of the crypt


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Let Your Characters Do the Talking.

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Every other year or so, my father would pull his worn copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes from the shelf and read it cover to cover.... There had to be something special between those frayed covers.

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Author Toni L.P. Kelner (aka Leigh Perry) on how the challenges and antics of scare workers make for entertaining reading.

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"Only another true Little House-lover could understand what the books had meant to her as a child. Laura’s adventures had captivated. Laura’s struggles had inspired. Laura had been a faithful friend when no one else understood."

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Homeless twins inspire a story and a charity.