Oline Cogdill
Fiction follows fact or does fact follow fiction?
Whatever, there are times when an author's imagination gets a real-world workout.
I recently reviewed Ellen Crosby's The Viognier Vendetta, part of her series about the owner of a Virginia vineyard. In this mystery, Lucie Montgomery is trying to produce viognier wine. My review is here.
altNow, I have been known to enjoy a glass of wine -- or 40. But I had never heard of this wine until Crosby's novel. Simply, it's a classic French grape that is just making its way into American wines.
That review of The Viognier Vendetta appeared just a few weeks ago.
Now, viognier wine seems to be all the rage.
Just this week, I saw three food sections of three different newspapers devote a lot of space to viognier wine, with recommendations on which wines to buy and viognier food pairings.
That doesn't include the countless stories that have popped up on the internet, linking to other newspapers, magazines and Websites.
In honor of this interest in viognier wine -- and Crosby's timely novel -- let's raise a toast... with a glass of viognier, of course.