Oline H Cogdill

Many bookstores have cats who call the stores home.

And it’s not just bookstores. My sister-in-law owns a music store in Durham. North Carolina, and the instruments are well protected each day by the resident cat.

Full disclosure—I am a dog person. Always wanted a cat but am allergic.

Not sure if James Patterson is a dog person or a cat person, but he is taking care of some literary cats.

Patterson is partnering with the American Booksellers Association to give bonuses to independent bookstore cats.

Patterson has pledged $50,000 as part of his Bookstore Cat Bonus Program

The grant application asks one question: "Why does this bookstore cat deserve a bonus?"

I would think the answer would be because it is an adorable cat! Can’t think of a better reason.

Patterson will select the winners, who will receive bonuses ranging from $250 to $500.

The 2019 campaign is open to all U.S. independent bookstore cats through May 30.

In a press release, Patterson stated . “Over the years, I've heard from so many booksellers who've received holiday bonuses, and the question that's come up so many times has been: 'What about my cat?' These bonuses will allow bookstore cats to be treated to better food, blankets, medical assistance and toys--especially those little stuffed birds with dangling feathers.

“However, the owners use the money, I'm humbled to know that I can make a difference in bookstore cats' lives. And I'm grateful to be able to acknowledge the important work they do."

Through the years, Patterson has generously donated money to school libraries, independent bookstores and to literacy


Doesn’t anyone have a bookstore dog?

Cat photos courtesy of several of my friends. I am not identifying them but they know who they are….I am assuming the cats know who they are, too.