Kate Stine

127cover_250Hi Everyone,

Although we made it through Hurricane Sandy unscathed, the same can’t be said for the huge construction crane which was twisted and left dangling over Midtown Manhattan like the sword of Damocles. Before it was secured, this crane was within falling distance of our offices, so we were evacuated for over a week. As a consequence, this issue is coming to you a little late—our apologies.

It was a different disaster, this one manmade, that inspired Michael Connelly’s latest book, The Black Box. To celebrate his 20-year collaboration with LAPD detective Harry Bosch, Connelly puts Harry on a case that has roots back in the horrifying Los Angeles riots of 1992. There’s also good news for fans on the TV front in Oline Cogdill’s interesting interview.

Get out those cocktail shakers—Nick and Nora Charles are back! In this issue, Scottt K. Ratner reviews The Return of the Thin Man, two previously unpublished novellas about the perpetually tippling ’tecs created by Dashiell Hammett. Hammett’s time in Hollywood is definitely part of the story. The book also offers interesting essays by Richard Layman, Hammett’s biographer, and Joan Rivett, the author’s granddaughter.

Also in this issue, Jon L. Breen takes a look at current legal thrillers and courtroom procedurals. Then Joseph Goodrich takes us on a tour of Stephen Sondheim’s work in the mystery genre, which is much more extensive and interesting than I, for one, had realized. Ed Gorman shines a light on often underappreciated character actors in crime films—here’s looking at you, Frances McDormand! And Kevin Burton Smith gives Santa, and you, a helping hand with our annual Mystery Scene Gift Guide. Personally, I’m asking Santa for The Complete Peter Gunn DVD set this year...

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. See you in 2013!

Kate Stine