Kate Stine

134cover_250Hi Everyone,

Hi everyone, Everything old is new again. Veronica Mars, the smarter-than-average TV show about a teenager solving mysteries in high school and, later, college, was cancelled after three seasons. But the show’s creator, Rob Thomas, found a way to revive the show, as a Kickstarter.comfunded movie. Kevin Burton Smith revisits the show and reviews the new movie in this issue.

It seems we never want to give up on our old favorites. Laura Miller takes a look at the new novels featuring James Bond, Philip Marlowe, and Jeeves this year, and finds them enormously enjoyable.

Reaching back in time even further than those three icons, we find E. Phillips Oppenheim. Read Michael Mallory’s “The Prince of Storytellers” to learn about this prolific thriller writer, who published over 100 novels between 1887 and 1943. He, too, is being revived thanks to ebook technology.

If you’re looking for a more modern take on the thriller, check out the work of Owen Laukkanen. How does a jet-setting poker journalist and part-time lobster boat fisherman become a thriller writer? Oline Cogdill explains all.

Sharp-eyed critic and crime fiction scholar Jon L. Breen points out that not all technology trends are good for readers. Those of you interested in reference works will want to read about a cost-saving shortcut publishers are using that, Breen argues, reduces the value of the books. Enjoy!

Kate Stine