Spy Kids: Gift ideas for the little ones on your list

$16.99 Multi Voice Changer


Ten different voice modifiers can be combined in a hundred different voice variations for the undercover kid. Includes 9V battery. Ages 5 and up.

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$18.99 MoMA String-along Books


Classic string-along beads with a bookish twist. Introduce little readers to the joy of colors, shapes, and books. Ages 3 and up.

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$9.00 LED Black Cat Rechargeable Light


Every sleuth needs a trusty light. This hand-pumped rechargeable cat light doesn't need batteries and the LED bulbs never need replacing. Truly a cat with nine lives! Ages 3 and up.

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$30.00 Chalkboard Placemats - set of 4


You're never too young (or too old) to get writing. These non-toxic reusable doodle-boards come with a set of chalk and a sponge eraser. Ages 3 and up.

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$29.95 ZAPI Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer


Hi-Ya, the ninja toothbrush sanitizer makes a great sidekick for kids ready to slay germs using a germicidal UV light. Fits most manual toothbrushes and electric heads.

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$20.00 Yellow Pages Booster Seat


The Yellow Pages have long been a favorite tool of experienced thugs. (They leave no mark.) But tikes get a slightly less sinister boost from the old book.

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$16.95 WordTeasers Junior Edition

wordteasers_junior_editionThe Junior Edition of WordTeasers helps the literary kid expand her vocabulary. Geared for 6th grade learners and under.

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