Oline Cogdill


I admit that for the past few Sundays, I have had a bit of withdrawal from Downton Abbey.

I also had a bit of withdrawal when Dexter and Treme ended their seasons and when The Wire wrapped up its run.

So that will tell you how eclectic my tastes are.

Apparently I am not alone in missing the upstairs/downstairs woes of the Crawleys and their servants and, of course, Dame Maggy Smith, left, as Violet, the stubborn and vocal Dowager Countess of Grantham.

Apparently, I am not the only mystery fiction reader who watches Downton Abbey.

Several viewers—and readers—have been suggesting how mystery fiction icons could easily fit into next season.

For example, on DorothyL, several people suggested a good spin for the start of Season Three.

Perhaps Lord Grantham would learn that the Duke of Denver's younger brother has recovered from his shell shock and might be able to look into the Bates affair.

That younger brother, of course, would be Lord Peter Wimsey.

The Duke of Denver was a fictitious title created by Dorothy Sayers for the family of Lord Peter Wimsey.

Another suggestion was that Isobel Crawley could meet a Belgian refugee who is a former police officer, more than willing to use his "little grey cells" to prove Bates innocent.

That Belgian, of course, would be Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot.

Hercule Poirot would certainly add a bit of spice to the series, especially in scenes with the Dowager Countess.

The family could make a trek to St. Mary Mead and encounter Miss Jane Marple.

Although Miss Marple was not a member of the aristocracy or from the landed gentry, Agatha Christie made sure her character was quite at home among them.

Many of Miss Marple's cases brought her upclose and personal with the upper class.

Can you think of any other fictional sleuths who would might lend a hand with Downton Abbey?

Meanwhile, discover some of the authors who write about the pre- and post-World War I era of Downton Abbey. Here's a Mystery Scene blog about authors Charles Todd, Jacqueline Winspear and Anne Perry.

Photo: Dame Maggy Smith as Dowager Countess of Grantham. PBS photo.