Thriller, romantic suspense, PI, cozy, noir—the award-winning Mystery Scene covers it all.

Every issue is packed with entertaining articles, informative reviews, and fascinating interviews with both famous writers and emerging talents.

Our award-winning critics will clue you in to hundreds of interesting books, TV shows, films, short fiction, reference works, and more, in every issue.

Throw in contests, jokes, quotes, and anecdotes and we think you'll find that Mystery Scene is your essential partner in crime.

Mystery Scene publishes five times per year as a full-color glossy print magazine and as a digital edition available for Apple, Android, and Kindle devices. Don't miss a clue, subscribe today!

"I love Mystery Scene! Each issue is very well done and I read it (no, make that 'devour' it) from cover to cover."

—Lisa, Clinton, NJ

"Mystery Scene makes me aware that there are so many good mysteries and always new authors coming to join the ranks of old favorite writers."

—Larry, Lexington, MA

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